Mount Washington

Nestled in the San Rafael Hills, Mount Washington is a serene hillside neighborhood in northeast Los Angeles, offering picturesque landscapes, eclectic architecture, and a close-knit community for a distinctive living experience.

Hillside homes with panoramic views define Mount Washington real estate, showcasing diverse architectural styles from mid-century modern gems to contemporary residences. The winding streets and lush greenery contribute to the neighborhood’s peaceful atmosphere, providing residents with a sense of retreat within the city.


Mount Washington serves as a haven for nature lovers, with proximity to Elyria Canyon Park providing hiking trails and opportunities to explore native flora and fauna. The commitment to preserving green spaces enhances the neighborhood’s appeal and fosters a close connection to the outdoors.

The community’s artistic spirit thrives in local galleries and creative spaces, with residents actively participating in community events and initiatives that celebrate the cultural richness and creativity of Mount Washington. With its serene ambiance, unique architecture, and a strong sense of community, Mount Washington stands as a hidden gem within Los Angeles, offering a peaceful escape with convenient access to the city’s amenities and cultural offerings.

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