Ghazal Sheei



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  • Beverage of choice: Coffee black as midnight on a moonless night
  • If I weren’t a Real Estate Agent I would be: Children’s Therapist
  • Can’t live without: Music!
  • Current obsession: Pose on Netflix/FX and a lifelong obsession with Persian food
  • Non-Profit of choice: 826LA, the wonderful place I volunteer
  • Best New LA Restaurant: Mh Zh in Silver Lake – simple yet next level
  • Favorite watering hole: Any place that makes a solid Manhattan, but also Bar Henry for their cocktails, décor, ambiance and proximity to my home
  • Client’s first impression: She’s sincere, helpful and will go the extra mile for us!

Ghazal’s early love of interior design has been a through line in her careers in film production as a set decorator, as an office and project manager for reputable architecture and design studios in Los Angeles, and now, in real estate.

Her strong eye for detail and design, extensive travels and years living in New York and Milwaukee, further developed her unique perspective, resourcefulness and ability to connect with others.

Ghazal spends her time exploring the rich architectural history abound in Los Angeles, often photographs the deserts surrounding the city, and has recently been exhibited at the Craft Contemporary Museum and LA Public Library. She loves hiking Elysian Park and taking in the wildlife at Echo Park Lake. Although born in Iran, she considers herself an Angeleno and feels strongly that Los Angeles is one of the greatest cities in the world.

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