Wacky Real Estate Laws And Changes We’d Like To See In The Industry

Under All is The Land podcast hosts meet this week to discuss changes we’d like to see in the industry and discuss weird and wacky real estate laws from around the country. From Clear Cooperation to the MLS and branding, we cover it all with passion.

Our special guest Alison MacCracken (IG: @maccracken_real_estate), a real estate colleague, briefs us on some new ordinances on the table (and some questionable tax laws) that could affect a wide group of residential homeowners from the 405 to the 101. Who is exempt? Who wins? How do we fight back? Wildlife Ordinance 101. Per Alison: Attending the public hearing on July 13th will be key to voice out objections. 1) not enough time & notice for homeowners, 2) Bad policy – safety issues, no science, height restrictions 3) Inability for homeowners to be guaranteed to rebuild what they already had in case of natural disasters. LINK TO PUBLIC MEETING BELOW!

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Wildlife Ordinance Information: 


PUBLIC MEETING: https://planning-lacity-org.zoom.us/j/82594053759


Wacky Real Estate Laws

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