Silke Fernald

Broker Associate


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  • Beverage of choice: Red Wine the darker the better
  • If I weren’t a Real Estate Agent I would be: A pilot
  • Can’t live without: Music
  • Current obsession: Pine & Crane’s Dan Dan Noodles
  • Non-Profit of choice: my kids’ school
  • Best New LA Restaurant: Bestia
  • Favorite watering hole: Bar Stella
  • Client’s first impression: I like her style

In 2004, Silke traded the oaken canopies and medieval castles of Bavaria for the bright blue skies and sun-soaked beaches of Southern California. And while she loves visiting Germany whenever she can, there’s nowhere she’d rather be than here among the palm trees and sparkling waves.

Silke spent part of her early work life working for Lufthansa. Silke became a great admirer of what the world has to offer: culture, art, music, food and more. Witnessing the broad range of lifestyles people have chosen was a perfect way to understand how different people choose to live. It’s with that perspective that Silke approaches real estate, knowing that not every home is for every family, but that there is a right home to be found.

A fluently bilingual German and English speaker, Silke also brings an educational background in finance to balance her aesthetic appreciations with a solid understanding of what it takes to make a deal work that’s right for both sellers and buyers.

Silke Fernald, alongside Dominique Madden, leads the West Adams office.

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