Spicing up your dinner table

We are all aching for the minute our confinements are over, we finally get out of our houses and get back to our daily lives. Sadly, we are here to report that our fantasy– that life as we once knew it isn’t returning any time soon. During these long days, we all like to think back to what we used to take for granted that isn’t available to us now. 

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In the midst of our reverie, an amazing idea struck. With every day somehow beginning to stick to the other, why not bring some zest to dinner time? Read ahead for some mini upgrades to your dinner table for a fresh take on date night or family night in!

los ángeles interior blog acme real estate quarantine ideas


Yes, this one seems kind of obvious. Candles can bring a romantic and cozy vibe to your home, but with so many smells and shapes on the market, how can you possibly choose? We have a budget-friendly, yet trendy choice for you. Two words : TALL CANDLESTICKS. You want an easy way to look regal and not spend a lot of money doing it? Tall candlesticks are your answer.

A Fresh Bouquet 

If you are trying to emulate your favorite restaurant, flowers are a must. Pick a nice bunch from your local florist, this way you can support local businesses in your area and keep your home looking fresh.


Don’t skimp on this step. Summer is approaching and dinnertime is nothing without an aperitif. Bust out the cocktail cart and get mixing. If you need some help, Acme has got you covered, refer to our previous post for all you need!


Faux Menus

Okay… I know this one seems like a bit of a stretch, but if you’re a family staying at home, you’re bound to run across a birthday or an anniversary one of these days. Why not make the day special by hand drawing some menus up for the occasion. Take some inspiration from the one below, but feel free to use your creative touch here!

Now all is left to do, is to set the table and make a reservation at the hottest new restaurant on the block!


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