Creating a Cocktail Bar at Home

Let’s face it, we are all having withdrawals from the lack of going out. Confinement has forced us to do unspeakable things like missing our daily Equinox classes and following an Instagram live tutorial instead, or try and make our favorite restaurant’s signature dish at home. We can’t say we’ve been successful in each attempt but fear no more, we’ve come up with a foolproof way for you guys to DIY a cocktail bar in your own home.


DIY cocktail bar at home


Finding your perfect “cocktail corner”

It turns out not everyone has a built-in bar in their kitchen (*shocker). A good way to display your drinks set up with some bravado is with a cocktail cart. Although there are plenty of good options on sites like Amazon and Etsy, you can even DIY this cocktail cart with a little help from Youtube. Sounds like a good way to get yourself busy with all this free time!

DIY cocktail bar at home

Preparing the right equipment

Liquor and club soda might seem like all you need, but you might need to prepare just a few more tools to complete your at-home bar! Luckily, you might be able to find some of the things on our list already in your kitchen.

  • Boston shaker, the cocktail shaker of choice for bartenders.
  • Bar Spoon. The narrow spoon makes a really big difference.
  • A few shot glasses… for good measuring.
  • Manual citrus juicers are an absolute must. You might already have one in your kitchen, but if you don’t this one is quite crucial. You will need a heavy device that can withstand a lot of use and pressure, especially with all the lemon, lime and possibly grapefruits you will be adding to your drinks.
  • A set of strainers for your citrus juices  and infusions between juicing and storage.
  • Muddler. The only way to get that perfect mojito and so many other classics.
  • A set of classic martini glasses, or any type of glasses that you prefer. It’s your bar after all!

DIY cocktail bar at home

Creating a confinement cocktail

With your cart set up and all your equipment in place, you’re finally ready to practice the art of mixology and be your own bartender. We have a lot of crowd favorite recipes we’d like to suggest for you to try, but the current drink on everyone’s mind is a Quarantini. What’s that you ask? Just a regular martini, but you drink it alone at home. Have fun mixing!

DIY cocktail bar at home


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