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ACME Agents live and work all over Los Angeles, but many of us here at ACME have a special place in our hearts for Northeast Los Angeles.

Courtney, ACME and Steve Jones of Better Shelter were the founders of the Northeast LA (NELA) Business Culture in 2012. NELA BC

is a platform for like-minded individuals and business owners in NELA committed to the enhancement and cultural diversity of North-East Los Angeles. Through the establishment of the NELA Business Culture, our community will benefit from a cooperative and supportive business environment that will continue to foster prosperity, create a sense of community and establish an identity unique to the area and its residents. The outcome of all this is making NELA an even greater place to live, work and play.

By hosting events, providing support for local commerce, meeting quarterly and establishing networking relationships, the organization plans to work with community leaders and city officials in the preservation and enhancement plan for North-East Los Angeles communities.

We collaborate on creative ways to serve the eclectic and forward-thinking tastes of NELA residents, and through the NELA Business Culture, make this area sustainable by focusing the efforts of all those involved in creating identity and community.

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