Will Schwartz


Will grew up on the East Coast in New York and Jersey. At an early age, he discovered a passion for the culture and architecture of New York City where his Dad worked, opposite the Plaza Hotel. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on the New York Times Magazine to pour through the listings on the back pages.

His family relocated to Beverly Hills when he started high school and his interests in performing and music flourished simultaneously with his love of Real Estate. On weekends he would present listings to his parents that he found in the LA Times real estate section and they would drive by and he would dream of living in one of these beautiful homes.

His love of performing and writing music continued after he graduated from NYU and he started a band with his three best friends. They have released six albums on London and Merge Records, and remain stalwarts of the indie music scene. His cultural vocabulary and passion for aesthetics make him a great fit for helping people find their dream homes. As a homeowner himself, Will wants to share his love of creating a beautiful and comfortable space with others and make the process of home-buying a fun and creative experience. Having been through the experience, he is able to help streamline and strategize the process and help make home buying the joyful experience it should be.

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