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  • Beverage of choice: A slightly dirty, freezing cold vodka martini with as many olives as I can pack into it. I like to both eat and drink my beverages when presented the opportunity.
  • If I weren’t a real estate agent I’d be: a nurse
  • Can’t live without: lip balm and my morning tea
  • Current obsession: Podcasts – Two Dykes and Mic and My Favorite Murder
  • Non-profit of choice: The Humane Society
  • Best new LA Restaurant: My kitchen – churning out delicious, albeit not all that attractive, vegan delights on the daily
  • Favorite watering hole: Good Times at Davey Wayne’s
  • Client’s first impression: This woman is refreshingly genuine and I feel taken care of.

Lauren is a Los Angeles native with a passion for all things real estate. Having spent her adult life on the West Side, after growing up in The Valley and splitting the past 13 years between there and Lake Arrowhead, she brings to the table a wide scope of knowledge and experience which helps in her tracking of trends in the market, and equips her to meet client needs.

Her largely referral based clientele is a testament to the hard work she puts into her deals, her unfaltering can-do attitude and her straightforward, results-oriented approach. She shows fierce dedication to her clients and their satisfaction, and excels at being an advocate for them in some of the largest decisions of their lives. Her tenacious commitment to improvement and growth carry into her daily performance as a realtor.

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