MSN: 10 Visionaries Transforming the Real Estate Industry

ACME’s founder Courtney Poulos is featured on MSN/Fab World Today.

Story by Mia Rodriguez

Do you know that every 3 in 10 buyers have purchased the houses they live in with the help of a real estate agent? Yet, in a sea of options where agents are as common as stars in the sky, it’s the exceptional few who truly shine.

What sets a top-tier agent apart? Expertise, for one. Plus, a deep understanding of market dynamics, a keen sense of trends, and a knack for negotiating the best deals. Yet it is the personal touch – the ability to listen, respond, and give attention to the needs of every single customer- that’s what makes a difference. To that, add a touch of creativity, a dexterity for problem-solving, and an unwavering determination to always outdo yourself, and there you have the formula for an A-grade agent.

Yet, the question remains, how some agents manage to embody all these qualities? What are the key factors that make their performance always stand out from the rest of the competitors in the market? In this article, we will take you along to meet 10 visionaries. These people are not only turning the real estate industry upside down but are redefining what it means to be genuinely superior in the field. They are the ones who go beyond what’s expected, who reshape the playing field, and who allow people to achieve their hopes.

Courtney Poulos

They say real estate is about location, location, location, but for Courtney Poulos, it’s about innovation, inspiration, and a touch of fearless femininity at the helm of ACME Real Estate. As the Founder and CEO, Courtney stands out as a courageous female leader, consistently an underdog, yet an authentic voice, shaping a team of the highest quality agents in Los Angeles and Orlando.


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Courtney’s journey from arts and entertainment PR to being a recognized Realtor® is marked by achievements such as the Inman News Person of Year Award 2024 and the HousingWire Woman of Influence Award in 2020 and 2023. Furthermore, her groundbreaking work extends to co-hosting real estate podcasts and TV appearances on shows like “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” and “My City’s Just Not That Into Me.”

Courtney’s brainchild, ACME Real Estate, is not just a brokerage—it’s a design-savvy lifestyle firm offering remodeling, staging, and marketing solutions. The boutique approach of this firm ensures a personalized experience grounded in integrity and expertise. ACME’s focus on design-conscious buyers, coupled with technology and real connections, sets it apart in the competitive real estate landscape.

Courtney is not just a real estate expert; she’s a trailblazer, empowering women through her book, “Break Up! With Your Rental,” and actively participating in industry events. Her vision for ACME includes slow and thoughtful growth, expansion into new markets, and being a real estate brand audaciously embracing social media. To say it succinctly, Courtney Poulos isn’t just redefining real estate; she’s owning the narrative.

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