Courtney Poulos Interviewed on Lead Generation Strategies Podcast

ACME’s Courtney Poulos appears on the Lead Generation Strategies Podcast to discuss the ACME Real Estate team agent training scholarship program for underprivileged young adults.

In this episode with Courtney Poulos of ACME Real Estate Los Angeles, California AND Orlando, Florida, they go over:

  • What interesting things are you doing with a real estate company in California AND Florida?
  • Let real estate people know what you’re doing with video production and network tv
  • What was it that gave you the skills to get you to where you’re at now?
  • What side projects are you working on right now that relate to real estate?
  • With the state of things in southern California, what do you feel needs to change?
  • How do future clients typically connect with you?
  • Any particular social media outlet that is hot right now?
  • What sets your company apart from any other real estate agency?
  • For those starting out in real estate, how do you find who your “clients” are?
  • What’s your best advice on how to treat prospective clients?
  • Where can people find you online?
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