Watch American Dream: Courtney Interviews Concreates

On this episode of American Dream TV, Season 2 Episode 5, Host Courtney Poulos continues the theme of transformation, focusing on transforming mindsets, homes, communities, and business models!

Our stars of this episode, ConCreates Co-Founders Vincent Bragg and Joe Nickson, have a wild transformation story. Vincent, in Federal prison for illicit drug distribution, and Joe, in Federal prison for bank robbery, found themselves in the unique position of mingling with CEOs, white collar criminals, elected officials and C-suite executives on the prison field. Through conversation, they began to see that their skill sets could be legally lucrative and oh, how their experiment has succeeded. From a wildly successful campaign with MeUndies, to Ted Talks, to global projects with heavy hitting media and tech companies, ConCreates theme, “Creativity Without Opportunity Leads to Criminality,” is changing the way we see possibility in a largely discounted and yet, so talented and valuable, segment of our population. 


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