Authority: Women Leaders Of Real Estate: Courtney Poulos of Acme Real Estate On The 5 Things You Need To Succeed In The Real Estate Industry

by Jason Hartman, featured in Authority Magazine

As a part of my series about strong women leaders of the Real Estate industry, I had the pleasure of interviewing Courtney Poulos.

ACME Real Estate’s visionary founder Courtney J.E. Poulos has been making her mark on the industry since 2005, and each year, she either breaks another record, earns another award, or smashes another glass ceiling. But like many dynamic leaders, Courtney’s success has grown in proportion to two things: her dedication to her craft and her devotion to others. Courtney focuses on her main mission, which is empowering women to achieve financial independence through real estate.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Can you tell us the “backstory” about what brought you to the Real Estate industry?

have a crazy young life story…I started college very young (early teens) and by the time I was 19, I was working full time in PR and had 3 other jobs. I moved to LA to turn my life from PR to acting, and as an actor in LA, I struggled–sometimes I didn’t even have enough money for food. I borrowed money for my electric bill from the owner of the liquor store down the street. I mean broke! I met my soon to be husband in Los Angeles, and we moved to DC where I went from being self-employed to being an editor for a Federal subcontractor — it was the most soul sucking job I had ever had. I was criticized for my efficiency and leadership skills. So I answered a craigslist ad for a real estate assistant and my life changed forever. Long answer — but the bottom line is…I was exhausted of the gig life and needed a career I could count on.

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