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Raina Carrillo, this month’s guest star on American Dream, started her LA life with two gangster parents. She herself joined a gang as a teen, and has personally lost close friends and loved ones to the streets; most in her situation don’t survive. Even as she fought to get out of gang life, she was one of the survivors of predatory lending and during the last housing crisis, found herself without a home. Embracing the highs and lows, she has learned to overcome her fears and fulfill her dreams, standing as a testament to the power of will and self-directed ambition. She is an inspiration to all those around her, but particularly her daughters, as she sets the example for what is possible by running for Mayor of Inglewood.
on Episode 2 of This Season's American Dream!
Raina, Host of Purpose and Passion Radio (IG @purposeandpassionshow and IG @rainaforinglewood), walks and talks with Courtney about her vision of Inglewood, the changes she has seen and what she hopes to affect. She shares what feels important to her, as an Inglewood native, and what she intends to do to make positive changes for her community. Raina is also involved in gang intervention through Developing Options, a 501 C3 dedicated to gang intervention and support of children in at-risk situations.
I’m proud to share Raina’s story. We met several years ago at my listing on West Blvd, north of Slauson. Raina educated me on the history of the neighborhood, and we immediately connected on a vision of bridging the distance between inclusion and exclusion in the housing industry.
This episode is airing on ABC KDOC at 8:30 AM PST on 05-01-2022.
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