Domino: Marine-Grade Plywood Turned This Split-Level’s Most Problematic Area Into a Statement

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It (literally) elevated it!

by Lydia Geisel

From the outside, the East Los Angeles home looked like your typical 1960s split-level, tucked away at the end of a small cul-de-sac on a steep hillside yard with a kidney bean–shaped pool. But inside it was “very slapped together,” as Kristin Korven, one part of the duo behind the architecture firm Part Office, puts it. “There wasn’t a lot of meat to work with.” The 2,185-square-foot space had been haphazardly added onto over the decades, amounting to three different stories that shared none of the same finishes (picture a crazy mix of carpeting and vinyl). Korven and cofounder Jeff Kaplon were brought on by the then current homeowner, a couple with two children who had purchased the house sight unseen, to mend the splits.

Step one: Relocate the bedroom and en suite bathroom (it eventually became a powder room) on the main level in order to expand the kitchen, dining, and living areas. “They really wanted the ground floor to act as a hangout and social space,” says Kaplon. But that wasn’t even the biggest puzzle to solve.

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