Forbes: 11 Predictions For Future Of Real Estate Market

ACME’s Courtney Poulos is featured on Forbes.

The real estate market was thrown into a tumultuous state when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Between people losing work and being afraid or unable to move, the year in lockdown made a significant impact on the market.

Even as life regains a sense of normalcy, there are several factors that will continue to impact housing prices, buyer behavior and the real estate market in general. Here, 11 members of Forbes Real Estate Council share their expert predictions for the future of the real estate market through the end of 2021 and into 2022.

The Market Is Shifting Into A More Balanced State

Inventory seems to be picking up, and buyers who have been suffering from fatigue have more options and more buying leverage than we have seen in the past. I’m seeing a shift that ultimately may result in a more balanced market in the latter half of the year. If you are a flipper, I would recommend giving yourself a little cushion on the resale price to accommodate the shift. – Courtney Poulos, ACME Real Estate

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