Lonny: How A Couple Renovated Their L.A. Bungalow Into A Wabi-Sabi Oasis

Renovating your own house definitely comes with some challenges for a married couple. But, when you’re a duo that also runs your own contemporary home design studio, it also gives you a fun opportunity to test your skills and create a space that truly fits your style. That’s exactly what happened when Mike Smolowe and Emily Valdez, co-founders of Lou Home, decided to purchase and renovate their own L.A. bungalow.

“We love the marriage of Japanese minimalism and the clean lines and craftsmanship of Danish design,” explain Mike Smolowe and Emily Valdez. “We’re very drawn to wabi-sabi style homes and contemporary spaces with lots of natural light. The balance of calm, open space that still feels warm and lived in is crucial for us. I think a lot of current Australian residential design does this well, so we often look there for inspiration.”

With this aesthetic in mind, the couple dove into an eight-month long project. “Successful renovations require patience and the ability to adapt, which we were forced to do on many occasions,” they share. “It was tough at times, but we learned a ton and grew as both designers, project managers, and as husband and wife.”


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