Ultimate Guide to Create a Cozy Boho-Chic Home

When it comes to interior design, the Boho-Chic trend is leading the pack. This eclectic décor style features a variety of colors, textures, and styles to give your home a fascinating aesthetic. Whether you’re new to the idea of boho-chic or you’re looking for some inspiration, this guide explores this hot trend and offers ways you can incorporate the boho style into your home. From the living room and kitchen to the backyard, read on for some ideas to help you transform your space.

What is the Boho Chic Trend?

The concept of Bohemian style as a home and fashion aesthetic has been around for over 200 years. This unique take on fashion and home design is usually associated with artists, writers, and intellectuals with a penchant for world travel and a laid-back lifestyle. A combination of bold colors and unique designs is what makes the boho-chic style stand apart from the crowd. This counterculture first appeared in France after the French Revolution, when wealthy homeowners started to invest in unique pieces for their homes like artwork and statuary. Eventually, these “new Bohemians” started to travel the world in search of more unique items and began wearing secondhand boho clothing. With a focus on creativity and world travel, the Bohemian trend began to take hold across the globe.

Many people associate the Bohemian style with the hippie movement of the 1960s. However, this style first got its start in France and modern Americans emulated it decades later. Today, boho-chic fashion and interior design are trending once again. One of the reasons this style is so popular is because of its relaxed aesthetic. Instead of a stuffy living space where everything matches, boho style allows you to express your creativity and your wild side.

Key Elements

If you’re aiming to recreate the boho-chic look in your own home, there are several key elements that will lay the foundation for your boho-chic décor. Here are some key components that really reflect the idea of living the Bohemian lifestyle at home:

  • Vintage and antique furniture: While it’s perfectly fine to purchase new pieces for your boho-chic home, make sure you incorporate some older vintage items, too. New products reflect more of a modern style, while old, distressed furnishings help to create a more laid-back look that showcases an appreciation for older, well-made items. A vintage wood side table or an antique area rug are classic examples of how you can incorporate some boho-chic elements into your home.


  • Bold colors: Neutral hues are great for a Hygge-inspired home, but when it comes to boho-chic interior design, you’ll want to bring in some bolder colors. Mix and match colors with tapestries, brightly colored rugs, or a funky sofa upholstered in a patterned print. The more colors you use, the more you’ll show off the idea of a boho-chic home. In addition to lots of colors, make sure you mix and match patterns for an eclectic aesthetic.


  • Layers of texture: A melding of materials and textures is what really makes a home boho-chic. Think jute area rugs, woven rattan chairs, and wooden tables accented with a gauze tablecloth. The more layers you add, the more boho-inspired your home will be. Try to choose natural and organic materials whenever possible, then add in some accent pieces made of metal or glass for a fun finishing touch.


  • Keep it low: Low-profile furniture is a hallmark of the Bohemian trend. Add some comfy floor pillows or patterned poufs to your living room and bring in low-profile sofas and chairs. Pub tables or overstuffed sofas don’t work quite as well with the boho-chic theme. Stick to low lying furniture whenever possible, which encourages your guests to chill out, relax, and stay awhile. 


  • Artistic: Showcase your boho-chic fashion sense with a variety of fun art pieces. Whether it’s an abstract painting or a whimsical sculpture, try to incorporate as many different décor objects as possible. Create a gallery wall filled with an assortment of artwork and framed objects. Fill a bookshelf with seashells, animal sculptures, and woven baskets that will demonstrate your appreciation for the artistic.

Room by Room Decorations

Now that you know a bit more about the history of Bohemian style and its key components, let’s explore some ways you can decorate every room in your home in this whimsical, colorful style:

Living room:

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There are endless ways you can fill your living room with boho-chic décor. Add a tropical tree nestled in a woven basket to the corner of your living room, and hang a large, oversized vintage mirror with a metallic frame over your fireplace. Shop for vintage Bohemian furniture that’s comfortable and worn in. An antique velvet sofa or a kilim patterned ottoman will add bold color and global style to this space. Keep your focus on patterns and textures, like a carved wooden cabinet or a multitextured area rug. Toss lots of different throw blankets and pillows on your furniture and fill a vase with fresh flowers to round out the look.

Dining room:

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Unlike a classic formal dining room, a boho-chic dining space has a laid-back look and feel. Instead of purchasing matching dining chairs, look for an assortment of comfortable chairs in different colors, sizes, and styles. Bring in a raw-edge wooden dining bench to give this part of your home a relaxed vibe. Dress up your table with a vibrant tablecloth and set the scene by adding a mixture of glassware, plates, and silverware in different colors and finishes. If you don’t want to go overboard with color in this room, simply add a fun set of curtains or a lively area rug to give it a boho-chic finishing touch.


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Give your kitchen a classic Bohemian look with a colorful Moroccan tile backsplash. Replace traditional cabinets with some exposed shelving made of reclaimed wood. You can also paint your cabinets in a bright, fun color if you prefer to leave them as-is. Place potted plants in the windows and on countertops to bring an organic element into this space. Add some colorful floral boho-chic curtains in bright colors to the windows, and scatter area rugs throughout the kitchen floor. Your rugs can be in different patterns for an eclectic touch. The goal is to make sure your kitchen is fun, vibrant, and relaxed without being stuffy.

Bedroom and balcony: