A Simple Thanksgiving at Home

acme real estate blog post thanksgiving decor interior
Written by Adele from Life’s Looking Good

This year Thanksgiving for many of us will look different. Your favorite aunt and uncle from out-of-town won’t be able to make it. Huge family gatherings of previous years will be replaced by small, intimate dinners. It’s always been important for me – and more so now – to seek ways to elevate gatherings and honor holiday celebrations.

Creating memories and beautiful environments can happen any time and in any place. Creating magic in a small setting is important too. And, if you’re alone or with just the usual ragtag crew, it’s more important than ever. Life feels better – YOU feel better – and the event becomes more special when it’s elevated.

acme real estate blog post thanksgiving decor interior

I was very deliberate and thoughtful about this year’s thanksgiving table. I want it to bring warmth and comfort without it being difficult for others to recreate. My hope is that my Thanksgiving tablescape will serve as inspiration for you to create your own. Make it yours. Keep it simple. This should not loom as a challenging job. I owned almost all of the items already. You can do the same, but with an added touch that lifts the whole mood.

I chose a bare bones background for my photo shoot: a downtown LA loft. I wanted warm neutrals and wood. I went for texture and color over expensive cutlery. I removed the tablecloth and other add-ons that add complexity – and cost.

On this table, the soft, floppy napkins take a starring role. They echo the gentle comfort of being with family.  They are like limp limbs draped over the furniture when the meal is over. They say: Lean back. Relax. Be yourself. And they’re pretty.

The soft, neutral backdrop of this table allowed for smoky coupe glasses. They are instant elevation without trying too hard. I love them!  Often the addition of just one special item kicks everything up a notch. It doesn’t need a reason to be there. The reason is: I love it and it brings me joy.

acme real estate blog post thanksgiving decor interior

If you have been following me, you know that I often splash out big on floral. But, this Thanksgiving calls for more simplicity and ease, not to mention cost-cutting. I used seasonal dried floral. Look in local stores or even in your own backyard or a nearby field. They’re everywhere if you keep your eyes open. Tuck them into clear vases or an old country pitcher. Look for easy, natural elements and display them thoughtfully. That’s enough!

White on white (or cream on cream) dishes felt so classic and easy to execute. Thanksgiving dinner mainly calls for a large plate!  I added the bread plate for corn bread or any special holiday baked good, like garlic bread or Hawaiian rolls. I feel that many holiday dinners across the country this season will be like this one – simple and understated.

acme real estate blog post thanksgiving decor interior
acme real estate blog post thanksgiving decor interior

The focus should be on love and connecting. Like the Pilgrims, we are celebrating survival through a tough time.  We made it!  So, we gather together around a table and a delicious meal to give thanks.

Wishing you a wonderful, happy and healthy holiday.


acme real estate blog post thanksgiving decor interior
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