How to Add Color to Your Home

Ivory, alabaster, eggshell, cream… a neutral color palette is an interior decorating trend that seems to be staying. Using these color schemes in your home can easily bring the minimalist appeal most people are searching for. However, what happens when you get tired of seeing the same shade throughout your entire house? The best thing about a neutral color scheme is that it gives you freedom to add bright colors and not worry about clashing. Here are some foolproof tips to creating a more colorful environment without ever picking up a paintbrush!


Don’t Skimp on Curtains

These might seem trivial, but don’t write them off and purchase the first white linen curtains you lay your eyes on. A soft pastel or colorful print may add another dimension to your home. We are obsessed with the patterned ones in the photo below!


Add some Art!

This seems like an obvious one, but it can make a world the difference. A colorful art piece or photographic print can serve as a focal piece for a room and help incorporate your favorite colors. If you are looking for minor ways to add some color, find some colorful coffee table books to add to your collection.


Animal Print rugs

They might seem too 80s for you, but there is a reason these are so popular. Whether you prefer cowhide or leopard, allow these rugs to add a touch of funk to your homes. Bonus points if they’re dyed various colors!



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