Housing Wire: 2020 HW Woman of Influence: Courtney Poulos

From housingwire.com

From inspiring women to take charge of their future through real estate investment to passing on her knowledge through mentorship, Courtney Poulos is firmly ingrained in the real estate community.

Poulos began selling real estate in 2005, and since then, has shared her experience, knowledge and passion for it every day. Now, as ACME Real Estate owner and broker, Poulos juggles her own clients, runs a growing brokerage and tends to the needs of the 32-agent ACME team. Poulos’ passion for her real estate community, and motivation to work toward positive change, most recently led her to become a member of the Board of Directors of the Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors. Her stated mission to help women achieve financial independence through real estate investment led her to even write and publish her own book, featuring real-life stories of women who started from scratch and built their wealth through creative real estate buying and selling. Outside of her book, Poulos provides mentorship by giving guidance to her team on how to move forward with the changing market – always with an approach that is sensitive to the current climate. For example, her leadership has truly shone throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as she consistently keeps her team and clients completely in-sync through the unexpected twists and turns.

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