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I have my “home tchotchke” category and my “love-but-don’t-need” category. These are things that aren’t essential, but I think of them as instant life upgrades. Treat your sense of smell. Make your space more comfortable and useful. And, of course, create something beautiful. I hope you enjoy these simple, lifestyle boosts.

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I couldn’t decide which of these two candles I loved more. So, I chose both. What they share in common is a very clean, fresh, California scent. 11 11 by Lake and Skye is inspired by Khundalini and the color white. The Surfrider candle transports you to a vacation far, far away. It’s earthy, musky and comforting. Both offer a sense of serenity and calm, without overpowering. I keep these well stocked so I never run out.

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Rose 31 is a splurge. For my shower… if something is touching my skin, I get a little extra. The Le Labo scents aren’t new, but they are popular for a reason. I’ve been using my Rose 31 scent for about a year. There’s something so divine about an extravagant body wash that wakes your senses up and perks up your mood.


This is a staple in my home. It’s one of my signature items. I like to take a mundane household item and make it a conversation piece. It’s a simple way to “elevate a space.” Cue the clear tissue box. Encase it in an acrylic box. It’s incredibly simple, but I promise you, it will illicit many an “ooh and ah”. I like to take the box out completely and simply stack the tissues inside the clear box. It’s a very clean look.

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Home sprays are everywhere. You see them at point-of-purchase spots in the checkout line. Alert: they are NOT all created equal. This will be the scent of your home – so choose wisely. I use mine in the guest bathroom and sprayed lightly over the fabrics in the living room. It’s nice to give a little shpritz in the air after making your bed. The Diptyque Paris scents are timeless. The classic Fig fragrance never disappoints.

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When convenience and cool mate the result is the wireless charger. Cords aren’t cute. I have wireless chargers located throughout my home. Guests love it. My kids love it. What’s not to love? Set your phone on it and go about your day. Techno-chic.

Oversized ice cubes! If cocktails are a part of your life, get these. Wait. Correction: If ANY beverage is part of your life. They melt slower, look cooler, work better. Even ice cubes got an upgrade. I know… it’s exhausting.


I’ve seen these on cooking shows and didn’t give them a second thought. Turns out that having your salt and pepper easily accessible – not in traditional salt and pepper shakers – DOES actually make things easier. These lovely little bowls allow you to scoop up the amount you want without shaking for 45 seconds. They are functional and fashionable. It’s a win-win.


Portable speakers are a must. They’re used for parties, outdoor BBQ’s, on bike rides, beach days, and for the bath. Phone speakers just don’t produce enough volume for many environments. I know this seems like a no brainer, but I’m throwing it in anyway. The Wonderboom is my go-to speaker. And it comes in blush pink…can your speaker do that?

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It’s a shorter list to write what a versatile rolling cart cannot do! I store gift wrapping items, floral supplies, kids art supplies, vlog filming equipment, extra pantry goods, and laundry items to name a few. They roll, they are inexpensive, they are space-saving and they look sleek. Do yourself a favor and get one of these if you don’t already own one.


Drawer organizers save space, control chaos, help kids learn how to put things away themselves and can be used for all kinds of things. I use mine to organize my junk drawers and bathroom spill-over items. They really do save space. Trust me on this. They also help organize disparate pieces of underwear and separate navy from black socks. They can be used for small toys or for cosmetics. Pro tip: make sure to measure ALL the dimensions of your drawers (height, width, depth) before purchasing the organizers. Sounds obvious, but I’m sad to say I’ve bought on impulse and then the organizer didn’t fit.

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