Making The Most of Small Spaces

Written by Adele from Life’s Looking Good


Small space living isn’t easy, but it can still feel good and represent who you are. I’m sharing a few items that help de-clutter, and look good doing it. I love utilizing under-bed storage and using organizational items as furniture or conversation pieces — like the rolling clothes rack. It’s got a city loft feel to it, but it’s functional and sleek!

Another solid go-to is a good-looking coffee table that has storage. The big bonus is that it’s in the main part of your house which makes everything you store in it easily accessible. This is a great place to store board games, kids’ toys, or extra guest linens.

If you are utilizing under the bed space, make sure your pieces are well-designed as you will still see them. Even hard-to-see spaces matter. If it’s an eye sore, your eye will be drawn straight to it. This is why I love the felt cases. They are not only useful, but they look so damn good. The West Elm rolling drawer looks like a well-tailored part of your bed. It’s a much nicer alternative to plastic storage bins. Shudder.

Thin pantry rolling carts can always double as laundry room carts for detergents and supplies. There’s usually a small area somewhere in the kitchen or pantry where a cart can easily slide.

Lastly, wall space, often overlooked, like the hat wall (pictured). Don’t forget that wall space doesn’t just have to be for art or shelving. Create art using your things. There are endless opportunities here.

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