Case Study: ACME Real Estate + Propy’s Offer Management

ACME is featured in a case study from Propy, about how the team uses their software to serve our clients more efficiently.

Here are Courtney’s own words as to how she utilized Propy’s Offer Management solution to solve this issue.

“We had to make some changes to our processes and find a technical partner that understands our needs and has the ability to address them. Most of the platforms out there are looking at transaction and back-office task management, while the team at Propy envisions the bigger picture and addresses the entire process as a whole.

The first change that we had to make was the way we were receiving offers. With Propy’s solution, we were able to handle all of the incoming offers quickly and efficiently, while the share feature allowed us to loop our client in real-time, so she could see every offer as it came in, as well as the counters that we’d send, which were tracked in a neat and easy to view table.

As every offer came in with the cover letter from Propy, our client was able to see all of the offer details with ease.”

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