Your Essential Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

By: Sam Lambert

There’s no place better to own a home than in Los Angeles, CA. Lots of sunshine year-round and no harsh winter to deal with. However, that doesn’t mean spring shouldn’t be a time of rejuvenation. Your spring lawn care chores don’t have to be miserable. Use the upcoming spring months to go through this essential home maintenance checklist, and you’ll add to your home’s curb appeal while putting in minimal effort.

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  1. Clean the gutters and drainage system

los angeles interior blog acme maintenance spring cleaning

There’s a reason why it’s called spring cleaning. Spring is a great time to check your gutters for any debris. Particularly if your home is located near any trees or other tall vegetation. You should also ensure any gutters that have pulled away are re-attached. This will help water flow where it’s supposed to and prevent cracks and water damage to your home.

  1. Touch up paint

los angeles interior blog acme maintenance spring cleaning

Scrape off any chipped or peeling paint before the weather heats up, and apply a fresh coat. The same rule applies to any decks or wooden surfaces that need to be restained or refinished. Exposed areas of wood, particularly on your siding, can cause them to rot, attracting pests and causing major structural damage.

      3. Get your landscape ready to go

los angeles interior blog acme maintenance spring cleaning

Spring is also a great time to cut and trim all overgrown vegetation and to prepare yourself for lawn care throughout the season. Make sure you remove any overhanging limbs. These can cause significant damage to your house in a storm, and also affect the curb appeal of your home. Prepare your lawn mower for the summer, by sharpening the blades and changing the oil. Understand the grass type surrounding your house for proper care. Now is also an excellent time to perform a check on your sprinklers and outside faucets, paying attention to leaky valves or exposed lines.

  1. Examine your seals and screens

los angeles interior blog acme maintenance spring cleaning

When the winter arrives — yes, even a mild one — it can cause fluctuations in temperature that create cracks around your windows and doors. These minuscule cracks in the caulk let air out, which can increase your energy bill and cause water damage. Check all your seals and fill cracks or replace if necessary. You should also clean your screens and check for any holes. Holes that are bigger than a dime are big enough to allow in bugs, so patch them or replace the entire screen.

  1. Tidy up indoors

Take the time to clean under your refrigerator and other large appliances. These often neglected areas of your home accumulate grime and debris. You’ll find that a deep cleaning can improve the overall air quality inside your home. Dust build-up on your refrigerator coils can also cause your refrigerator to wear down more quickly. Cleaning them off can help save you money in the long run.


You should also perform a thorough decluttering. Don’t feel like you need to throw everything away, but take the time to evaluate which items you need in your home, and which ones are collecting dust. Consider donating your used items to charity or giving them to a loved one – but whatever you do, get the junk out of there. You’ll have a more zen space and much less stress to deal with.


Just like a vehicle needs regular maintenance, so, too, does your home. It might seem easier to put these tasks off, but spring is a great time to go through your essential home maintenance checklist. By checking off just a few of these items, you’ll save yourself from costly repairs and make your home more marketable and comfortable.

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