5 Ways to Use the Pantone Color of The Year in Your Home

By: Sam Lambert

Choosing the right real estate agent is only half the battle when it comes to selling your home. If you want to get the most money out of it, you have to put a few upgrades into it. Modernize your home by choosing the latest fashions and colors. Incorporating the latest Pantone Color of the year into your home decorations beams optimism and is one way to show prospective buyers your home is up to date. Here are five suggestions for incorporating this year’s color–Living Coral–into your home.

laurel canyon pantone color design blog

1. Create A Focal Point

laurel canyon pantone color design blog

Choose one wall to paint entirely or paint accents on in the coral hue. You’ll find the beauty of the muted golden hints of this color bodes well with modern spaces. Consider choosing the wall behind a headboard in the master bedroom or an oddly placed small wall in the main living space to brighten up space instantly. Other options include painting one of the walls in a small half bathroom to anchor the area and make it more interesting. For an even more dramatic look, consider painting your front door in Living Coral to help your home stand out from others in your price range.

2. Choose Coral Colored Plants
laurel canyon pantone color design blog

Many realtors suggest placing different plants around your home when preparing for an open house or showing. Create a beautiful indoor or outdoor space inspired by local botanical gardens with plants commonly found nearby in that special shade of coral. Use large coral sunset peonies in a clear vase on the kitchen island for a dramatic punch of color. Smaller flowers, like the salmon beauty yarrow, can be easily placed in a small pot on a bathroom sink that will coordinate well with the rest of the home. For a more professional look, consider choosing the a coral rose on a modern office desk or in a master bedroom to give off a beautiful yet classic tone.

3. Highlight with An Accent Piece

laurel canyon pantone color design blog

We don’t recommend changing every surface of your home to match the color of the year. However, we believe using certain accent pieces within a space can help upgrade the look of your home to potential buyers. Consider using a coral colored rug in a child’s bedroom to create a fun and inviting space for the next family to envision. Other options include placing a dramatic accent chair in the corner of an office or at the end of a long hallway to help add variety and highlight a space.

4. Upgrade with Wallpaper

laurel canyon pantone color design blog

Many homeowners are choosing to use detailed wallpaper designs in small areas of their home. Consider selecting a wallpaper that incorporates the Living Coral color along with some modern geometric designs. You’ll find many options available that offer different styles for different kinds of homes. Choosing a wallpaper that offers just a hint of coral is a good option for homeowners who are wary about adding too much color to a space.

5. Add in Accessories

laurel canyon pantone color design blog

As many affordable and diy home decor blogs suggest, adding in colorful throw pillows or switching out curtains make a huge difference in upgrading a space. Tie in the Living Coral color palette by adding in touches of the color with textiles throughout your home. Another option is using the color in framed artwork that you buy at home décor retailers. Placing a coral colored bookends on a shelf can subtly tie together the color scheme of your home while keeping the overall look fresh and updated.


Sam Lambert is an outdoor living expert. Sam loves cultivating his own fruit and vegetables in his backyard. You might have seen Sam riding past you on a local dirt biking trail or climbing a nearby rock wall.

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