The Close features Courtney Poulos: Underrated Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

The state of real estate lead generation in 2019 is constantly evolving. What brought in great leads at an affordable rate a few months ago might not work today.

Since Zillow introduced their Ibuyer program, Facebook advertising and more, many Realtors are looking for new and innovative lead generation strategies.

From Courtney:

Make a Plan & Work The Holidays 

Since most of your fellow agents will head for the hills during the holidays, staying in the office can mean easy lead generation. Here are a few tips from Los Angeles’ Acme Realty Founder, Courtney Poulos, on generating leads during the holidays.

”My advice to newer agents that are looking to work through the holidays would be to use the fact that you are present and available during the holiday season as the dominant messaging in your marketing. And if you have listings that you are going to be showing during the holidays, have holiday-themed events such as a holiday-themed broker’s open with spiced cider or at your Sunday open house have a jazz musician playing holiday music. You can also take new pictures of the property with some holiday decorations to use in your social media posts.”

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