Forbes: Tips To Ensure A Smooth Homebuying Transaction

Buying a first home is a major financial and emotional experience for anyone. Not only is it a matter of sinking funds into a future investment, but it’s also about planning for that future growth. Yet, often the dream of a smooth transition from looking at homes to buying a house to moving in as homeowners can turn into a bumpy ride. Unforeseen circumstances may mar the uninhibited plans that were made for the future of both the house and those moving into it.

In order to be aware of just what you’re getting yourself into when buying a home, there are a few things to consider. To help you with the best advice on this matter, 15 members of Forbes Real Estate Council share their tips for hopeful buyers who are eager to smoothly transition after buying a home.

From ACME’s Courtney Poulos:

Beware Of Your Brain: The psychology of buying goes like this: You’re approved for more money than you thought but then you start looking and realize you can’t get what you want for the money. Then, a perfect home hits the market and you fall in love, write over list price and get it! Your brain tells you you’re overpaying. Tell your brain to be quiet: Let your agent coach you through your fear. – Courtney Poulos, ACME Real Estate

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