Forbes: 13 Clear Signs Of A Smart Real Estate Investment

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Most prospective real estate investors can spot red flags indicating a bad investment — a long listing time, steadily declining asking prices, high neighborhood turnover, etc. But what about “green flags”? Signals that an investment might be promising are just as important to consider, and you don’t want to overlook them when you’re hunting for a great real estate deal.

We asked a panel of Forbes Real Estate Council members what aspects of a property or neighborhood they would consider a sign of positive investment potential. Courtney Poulos says:

“It’s easy to love a neighborhood with a long track record of stable home values. But really savvy buyers can see into the future. Buying into neighborhoods that have as-yet-uncompleted commercial projects (such as renovations to shopping malls, or an “in the works” football stadium) equals green flag. We know the area will gain attention in the near term and desirability and value will go up’. – Courtney PoulosACME Real Estate

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