5 Expert Hacks Interior Designers Swear By

When it comes to home design, we love a good mood board, and we’re all for collecting inspirational images on Pinterest, but do we really know the right trade secrets of top interior designers?

Focus on a Focal Wall


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Interior designers suggests honing in on one or two areas in your space. Love color? Paint one wall your favorite color and let everything pop! Love texture? Create a statement wall with some appeal. Try wood strips from your local home improvement store, wallpaper with some texture and fake brick paneling can enhance your room and make everything look better.

Consider New Coffee Table Accessories

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Pick a great tray that is a different material than the table and fill it with a succulent, coffee table book, and decorative items. Use different heights and textures to give a layered look. Check our past blog on coffee table design!

Slipcovers and Pillows are Your Friends

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Opt for a neutral slipcover and add personality with fun, colorful pillows. Get influenced by the wall color, the rug or even the artwork. Mix patterns but keep the colorways somewhat consistent.

Create a Professional-Looking Gallery Wall

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Try incorporating your art, family photos, and hanging plates and other cute knick-knacks from around the house.

Buy a New Rug

laurel canyon bungalow interior blog

One major design mistake is buying a rug that’s too small for your space. Your carpet should go underneath the furniture pieces, at least the front legs. Otherwise it makes the room look smaller. Choose a nice woven or patterned rug.


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