How to Design the Perfect Room for Movie Night

In honor of the Emmy’s, we came up with different ideas for creating the perfect home theater. With the right inspiration and a little ingenuity, you can turn a spare room into your own personal movie viewing haven with these home theater ideas!

Use Your Attic, Your Basement, Or a Spare Bedroom

Choosing the optimal location for your home theater setup is essential. Ideally, it will be isolated from the rest of your home to minimize outside noise and disturbances. Therefore, an attic or basement tends to work great. If an attic or basement are off the table, a spare bedroom is an easy option. Just try to choose a location with minimal background noise. Otherwise, you may need to invest in soundproofing.

Install Curtains or Blinds to Reduce Outside Light

You can always install floor-length curtains or blinds to optimize your viewing experience.

Incorporate Soft Lighting

Want to create home theater lighting like you see in real movie theaters? Stick with soft lighting on the walls and low voltage, recessed lighting trim on the ceiling. This helps create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Use a Cable Management Box

Noticing a mess of unruly cables in the corner can distract from your movie experience. Use a cable management box to organize auxiliary cables, speaker cables, and HDMI cables.

Create a Fiber Optic Star Ceiling

If you’re looking to go beyond the ordinary, fiber optic lights will create a one-of-a-kind experience that guests won’t soon forget. You can buy these in kits that are priced by square footage.

Add Acoustic Panels

Using acoustic panels optimizes the audio quality by eliminating echo and reverb. The best part is that they come in a variety of styles, colors and designs, and can be purchased in kits to save money.


Install Surround Sound Speakers

Sound is everything. It makes movies feel more immersive and adds to the overall ambience. Investing in surround sound speakers is the way to go and ensures that the sound hits you from all angles. Place floor-standing tower speakers toward the front and place other speakers in bookshelves, on walls, or on the ceiling throughout the rest of the room.


Try an Open Furniture Concept for Larger Spaces

If space isn’t an issue, you can opt for open furniture for a clean, modern look. It’s also perfect for packing in plenty of friends and family.

Use Leather Seating for Smaller Spaces

Dealing with limited space? You can still create a luxurious feel by using leather furniture for small home theater seating. This helps you maximize a small space and makes it feel more comfortable.


Install Row Seating

Row seating allows you to get the most out of smaller spaces and is fairly affordable. Some features you can find include cupholders, armrests, reclining positions and even USB charging ports.


Opt for Floor Seating and Pillows

You can always go with floor seating and pillows. Create a bohemian experience or like when you watch movies at the park on the big screen.

Stash Pillows and Blankets in Large Baskets

Getting cozy and comfortable with pillows and blankets during your favorite flick is great. But where do you store these items afterward? A large basket is perfect and will keep your home theater neat and tidy.


Decorate with Your Favorite Movie Posters

Set the theme and add flair by decorating the room with some of your favorite movie posters.

Include a Concession Stand

If you really want a realistic feel, why not have your own concession stand? Pack it with all of your favorites for quick access to delicious treats while watching a movie.

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