Gorgeous Ways To Incorporate Gray

Fall days call for gray!

We keep spotting rooms, architecture, and home accessories with gray accents — and we just love how the typically-drab color is being used to make other colors (including white!) pop.

Incorporating gray can keep your space sleek and neutral.

See some of our favorite spaces for inspiration.

We’re just a little bit obsessed with this perfect wallpaper that is fun but not too overwhelming.


Your outdoor patio just pops more with gray furniture!

The gray couch in this living room is letting the architectural lines, plants, and the artwork shine!

You can incorporate gray into your space through black-and-white photos, too!

This bedroom’s gray throw is fabulously complemented by the carpet, throw pillows, and armchairs.

We love how this kitchen uses gray as the accent wall, as it contrasts the marble so well!

We’re inspired by the gray tiling in this dreamy bathroom!


This is the perfect example of keeping your space neutral!

We love the exterior gray contrasts of the door!

Gray is a color that is underrated but really helps the other elements stand out. Take a chance and put some gray into your interior!

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