Finding the perfect wall hangings for your home can be a daunting task. With so many themes out there it can be quite a challenge to choose exactly what’s right for you. Whether you want to flaunt your curatorial spirit, showcase your family photos, or highlight a particular theme, it takes a little bit of ingenuity to strike the perfect balance between beautifully random and tastefully cohesive. Gallery walls are a fabulous way of bringing an extra touch of personality to any room, so we’ve collected our favorite decorating tips to make the task of choosing less intimidating.

Choose an inspiring theme for your wall by focusing on something you truly love. From Marrakesh markets to Indian temples and the French countryside, themed walls provide the perfect platform to tell the visual story of something you have a personal connection to, bringing charm and character to your living space.

Gallery walls are often the most beautiful when they somehow strike the perfect balance between match and mismatch. But when you’re working with different sized pictures and more than one color, it can be quite challenging to strike a balanced tone. Simple framing is a great way to bring continuity to your gallery wall.

Colors make a bold statement and can dramatically influence the mood of a room. With the endless array of possibilities on how to style a wall, focusing on one color is a great way to narrow down your choices and give your creativity some much-needed focus. When done properly, a gallery wall with one main color can do wonders for elevating the quality of a room, giving you the freedom to play with variety without spinning out of control. Color brings character to a space and ties various elements together harmoniously.

Go beyond the wall and into the space around, blending textures and patterns all the way to the floor. Place a gallery wall behind a credenza, or couch and use the surface to lay as part of your display. The mixed mediums create a great layered sense of texture throughout the space. This wall plays on nature references through a rather eclectic assortment of photographic styles, colors, and textures and an elaborate mix of artfully curated objects.

Source: Pinterest & Interiorsonline

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