Pool Party Decorating Ideas

It’s August, still hot and high time to feel comfy and chilly at the pool. Invite your friends for a cool pool party and have fun! Pool parties are incredibly popular for the summer and it’s a perfect occasion to flaunt your new house!! How can you decorate your poolside for a party?

Balloons are among the most popular decorations for pool parties because they are easy to get, budget-friendly and there are a lot of balloons to try. You can get a lot of them, blow them and then place right into the pool, around the drink or desert station and everywhere else you want. Keep them in the colors of your party; you can also attach them to some floating things and place them into the pool.

Floats are important not only for having fun but also for pool party décor. Choose some bold ones, shaped as desserts: ice-cream, donuts, cupcakes, candies and cakes. Order oversized flamingo or duck floats; use floats for holding drinks in ice, this way the ice won’t melt so fast.

Decorate dessert and drink tables with garlands from beach balls and life savers, cocktail wreaths, balloons, pompoms and tassels. Style it in bold colors, add flamingos and other tropical stuff that you like.

Source: Pinterest

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