Forbes: 15 Dos And Don’ts Of Property Maintenance Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

Many homeowners take great efforts and spend time to renovate their homes to provide that personal touch. While there is nothing wrong with making upgrades to enhance the appearance of a property, the next buyer may not appreciate them as much as you do. You may think that when it’s time to sell you’ll get back every penny you stuck into your remodel, whereas a new buyer just sees the improvements they will have to make in order to make a home their own.

Fifteen members of Forbes Real Estate Council share some of the most common dos and don’ts of property maintenance that homeowners should be aware of to make sure they get a good deal when they decide to sell.

1. Don’t Overcustomize

I painted the walls of my first condo tangerine orange. When I put it on the market, I didn’t understand why it didn’t sell quickly! Now, as a real estate pro, I understand that overcustomization is a deal-killer for resale. Buyers want the experience of enjoying a home’s potential — you must remove crazy wallpaper, overly artistic bathroom tiles and odd/unusual fixtures you’ve installed over time. – Courtney Poulos, ACME Real Estate

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