The New Bohemian.

The bohemian aesthetic—worn woods, Moroccan rugs, pattern on pattern, copious plants is typical California. But lately we’ve been seeing a bit of a shift, or maybe you could call it a marriage. The “new boho”; it’s bohemian reloaded, with a leaner, more minimal look. You could also call it Minimalist bohemian, because what it really is a mashup of two styles that used to be at opposite ends of the spectrum and now find themselves coming together: modern minimalism and bohemian maximalism. Like a lot of pairings of opposites, it’s particularly effective and fresh!

This space from has the blond floors and restrained color palette we’ve come to associate with Scandinavian minimalism. But the textures, like the chunky wood coffee table, the plant, the fluffy Moroccan rug, the tasseled pillows, are all very bohemian, adding warmth to the space while staying within the minimal color palette.


This home, expertly mixes elements of minimalism and maximalism. Lean, spare furniture and lighting is warmed up with textured and patterned rugs, a few plants, and even a little bit of color.

This space would seem very minimal, even cold, were it not for the addition of a few plants and some patterned pillows. The lesson here is that contrast (between the spare, minimal furniture and the lush leaves) is always welcome, and also that accessories can really transform a room.


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