How To Choose Which Mirror Shapes Complement Your Home Décor

We love adding mirrors to living spaces. They help open up your home, add geometric elements to your design, and play as an important accessory to your interior. And what makes them so much fun is how versatile they are! See how we’ve used mirrors in our home listings.


Decorative Geometric Mirrors

These decorative mirrors are both artsy and functional. They are great for bohemian inspired homes. They look great in living rooms and even bedrooms above the bed.

Large Circular Mirrors

This large, round mirror is a beautiful addition to an understated room with an abundance of style and charm.  It is a great focal point in living rooms and bathrooms.

Square Mirrors

Square mirrors play with the geometry of windows and other objects at home, especially other 3D objects, furniture, and art.

Descending and Ascending Mirrors

Various sized mirrors on the wall, especially hung in this fashion, are great for accessorizing hallways, staircases, and other narrow spaces.

Large Square Bathroom Mirrors

We love the use of really large square mirrors side by side. It enlarges the room and creates a clean and minimal space.



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