How to Decorate Your Coffee Table with Books

Coffee tables themselves and what you put on them can be used to express your artistic side or your interests. There are several ways to arrange them with coveted design tomes and objects. Here are some of our top 5 ideas.


Idea #1: If you have a square coffee table, try stacking two diagonal corners with books and filling the rest of your space with artful objects.


Idea #2: If you have a colorful or unique coffee table, keep it simple—a few books and a beautiful vase filled with fresh flowers goes a long way.


Idea #3: Keep your book stacks five high at most. Any taller and you might consider transferring overflow to a nearby bookshelf. (See previous blog post on bookshelves)


Idea #4: Top stacks with equally beautiful objects that serve a purpose, like trays and coasters.


Idea #5: If you have a large or round coffee table, anchor the space with a grand centerpiece and surround with books.

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