How To Decorate With Bookshelves

There are many ways to freshen up living room spaces. One of our favorite ways to do that is to add fun design with built-in bookshelves. Here are our 5 picks for best built-in bookshelves. Let these spaces spark some creativity of your own…these books or decor pieces will serve as conversation starters no doubt. Try it in your home…whether it’s one wall in your living room, the entire wall of your living room, or even a built-in look in your bedroom if your space is super small.

We love this design element of creating an empty staircase space as a beautiful focal point. It is both practical and interesting.

Another practical approach is to have bookshelves around your bed. Hopefully, you’re a voracious reader! This is also a great idea when you have a small space or your living spaces are already busy.

We love these arched built in shelves. It creates a relaxed Mediterranean vibe. Add bright fun elements to enhance the room.

Make an entire bookshelf wall and use this to mix metals and colors to match your furniture and other design elements in your room. It’s a fun twist to add lots of color.

Create vast space blocks within your bookshelves and fill them with warm colors for a more sophisticated look that is still playful.

Credits: Cococozy

Photo credit: Alyssa Rosenheck & Pintrest

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