Find Your Own Eclectic Style

Do you need to pick just one design profile or period when styling your house and home? Of course not! Eclectic style is a mix of high and low, rugged and luxe, bold and quiet, and could be your new design best friend when styling your interiors.

It lets you fill your space with the objects you love in a way that makes sense for you. Eclectic style broadcasts confidence in your design style and personality and, here’s the important part, all while keeping within the confines of good design principals. There is a fine line between chaos and contrast, and throwing all your favorites in together at random is likely to result in a mess rather than the beautifully styled space of your dreams.

 Keep your treasures to a tight edit to keep the room from feeling overbearing and busy, rather than a collected, curated version of you.

Eclectic style has a reputation for being playful, and this is where the element of surprise can really elevate the feel of your room. The trick is to find enough common elements to make the space gel.

Maintain balance by keeping proportions and silhouettes consistent.

Choose your must-have pieces and experiment with rugs, lighting, artwork and décor until it feels right.

Source: Pinterest & interiorsonline

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