Indoor-Outdoor living.

With California’s temperate climate, homeowners have always had the luxury of enjoying outdoor dining and entertaining long before the rest of the country seeks shelter from blizzards and temperatures below freezing – and long after. Architects and designers have used the mild weather to their advantage by creating spaces that blur the lines between inside and out.

In this outdoor living room, a pergola provides shade on sunny days, and a fireplace keeps it cozy on chilly evenings. Southern California living year-round.

Built-in seating makes outdoor comfort a part of your very landscape. More than just merely convenient, it can help define and bring structure to the patio while providing ample seating for backyard cocktail parties and barbecues. As well, you can finally ditch your old plastic patio furniture—just add cushions and accessories to amp up comfort and color.

With an intelligently designed outdoor living space, you can extend the square footage of your house and gain an entire room to use when the weather is warm.


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