Desert modern interior trends.

Whether Joshua Tree is your backyard or you’re firmly planted in West Hollywood, a desert-inspired home is only a few steps away. Read on to learn what’s essential to this look.

Lay Down a Rug

A Southwestern rug or a kilim rug with a geometric design is a must. The floor covering adds a graphic punch and a layer of color that will be the starting point for your palette. Look to the hues in your rug for other accents in the room, like throw pillows, decorative accessories, or upholstered furniture.

Add a Touch of Leather

Layers of leather nod toward the Old West, but integrating them in sleek, unfussy form will provide a contemporary look. Consider a Mid-Century Modern leather side chair, leather cabinet pulls, or a tufted leather sofa. Look for cognac colors instead of dark, English-style browns, or perhaps get playful with a soft pastel pink.

Hang Abstract and Nature-Inspired Artwork

Nature-themed artwork that speaks to the desert landscape—think Joshua Tree photography, cactus prints, or palm-tree motifs—is warmly welcome in a desert modern interior. Abstract paintings are equally fitting.

Bring in Wood Furniture

Every desert modern room demands a wood accent for a rustic touch that recalls the dusty desert scene. Consider a burl-wood coffee table, a live-edge dining table, a walnut sideboard, a carved wooden stool… or whatever wooden find you’re drawn to!

Layer in Worldly Textiles

The desert modern aesthetic piggybacks on the California eclectic style, so bohemian accessories such as mud-cloth pillows, indigo textiles, and Chinese embroidery are a shoo-in for your space. Choose what you love, and mix and match to your heart’s content.

Paint Your Walls White

To give your home a clean, modern look, crisp white paint is required. Dark walls or paneling gives Southwestern accents a cabinlike vibe, while dusty neutrals take on a New Mexican look. White, on the other hand, feels decidedly fresh and not too thematic.

Integrate Greenery

Drought-resistant plants are another essential for desert modern interiors. Our favorite is the cactus, of course, but other succulents, palm trees, and air plants are great standbys too. If all else fails, a fiddle-leaf fig is easy to care for and looks hip in every home.


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