Seven indoor plants perfect for your bungalow

Plants help purify the air in your home and decorate your home. We’ve come up with a list of our favorite plants to add to your home!

1. Olive Tree

An Olive Tree is a Mediterranean home staple and adds a relaxed vibe into your home. The soft colors are great for minimal homes, as well. The olive tree likes southern exposure and warmer climates, and is perfect for a Californian home.

2. Cacti

Cacti are a fixture in southwestern and California design. They are known for being low maintenance, easy to care for and are also an air-purifying plant, making it ideal for plant beginners and travelers.

3. Rubber Tree

If you have moderate light and are a fan of modern eclectic décor, the rubber tree is a great choice. Water it so that the soil stays moist and wipe the leaves every now and then to keep it looking fresh all year long.

4. Kentia Palm

A great addition to a bungalow style home, this palm tree accents any room with its leafy and towering greenery. Best grown indoors, the kentia palm thrives in moderate to low light.

5. Fiddle Leaf Fig

The fiddle leaf fig’s glossy violin-shaped leaves have a cool sculptural look while their rich color and height bring balance to any room.

6. Snake Plant

Snake plants have an interesting shape and cool patterned leaves. This plant also has air-purifying qualities. Allow soil to dry between watering and be sure not to overwater in the colder months.

7. Bird-of-Paradise

The bird-of-paradise is a tropical plant with flowers that look like birds. These plants add bright color and unique shapes to your space. Be sure to give it plenty of direct sunlight and water regularly once or twice a week.



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