Styling your console

There are a variety of directions you can go when styling a console. Here are our 4 favorite styles.

1. Eclectic collection: This look allows you stack books, add ceramics and sculpture, maybe a plant (or three), a funky light fixture and maybe some art. Obviously, if you’re working around a TV, your ability to stack is limited by your TV placement, but we love the eclectic collection style as it offers a lot of creative freedom when it comes to color and texture.

2. All about books: Perhaps you stack them. Perhaps you have a collection standing up. Perhaps you open one up to display a beautiful spread. This look is usually a bit low, without a ton of layers which is helpful if you mount a TV very low. You can add in an object here and there but the focus is really on your reading material. This look is warm, friendly and worldly.


3. Leaned art: The leaned art idea is often mixed with the styling ideas above. We are huge fans of layered leaning art, but it can be tough to have enough space around a TV and if you’re not careful can begin to feel a bit cluttered.


4. Ultra minimal: You can keep your console completely clear. Or maybe there’s a single vase or one small grouping of objects. This look can feel very crisp and clean. But can also feel super stark or intentionally unfinished.


Source: apartment34

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