Grand Opening in Eagle Rock: Earth Altar Tattoo Studio!

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-3-18-39-pmWhat first inspired you to open your own tattoo shop? 
About 10 years ago I began leaning how to meditate. One night a profound vision came to me and I saw myself tattooing a woman’s back, the tattoo design and the way in which I tattooed her was healing her in someway. It was a sacred magical experience and I knew from that point that tattooing was something I had to learn and do. I knew nothing about tattooing and was actually quite intimidated by the industry. I eventually found someone to teach me and during my apprenticeship I kept getting more clear visions and ideas about how to make my own tattoo studio. Over the years I have been testing out some ideas with clients while working in very small private spaces and now this summer have found my dream space!
What makes Earth Altar Studio special and different from others?
We first of all are creating a very welcoming and warm, bright and happy space for all kinds of people, young, old, professional and crazy creatives to all come together under one roof and celebrate the sacred art of tattooing and body adornment. We believe in love and kindness above all else and run our business from that foundation. We are a small operation, family business and have our own Medical Director and Registered Nurse to ensure that all procedures are safe, clean and extremely professional. Our studio is a place for custom creative tattooing and cosmetic, microblading and other permanent makeup. We do everything from hairstroke eyebrows to watercolor tattoos to freckles to areola restoration to scar camouflaging. We are also very proud to announce our new med spa service: Laser Hair Removal practiced by Christine Serebrin, RN who has over 30 years experience. We have other creative tattoo artists here who create very original and custom pieces for our clients. I feel very honored and grateful to have the opportunity in this lifetime to create a safe place for these special services. Earth Altar Studio is so much more than just what we DO here, it is a sacred vortex of community and creativity and self expression and honoring the self. You’ll have to come feel it for yourself 🙂
_mg_9279Tell us about your renovation process on the studio space. What’s your favorite detail?

This space was the perfect clean slate: white wall, bare concrete floors and a gorgeous outdoor patio space. We started with the floors which are definitely one of my favorite details. I learned how to do a faux acid wash staining process and the floors came out looking like a Malachite stone, its very mystical! The patio is really coming together now so i think it is going to be my new favorite space. Our intention for the patio is to have it open for clients to relax in, drink tea and meditate before and after they get tattooed. We will also use this space for special events and creative art workshops regularly.

What is your favorite style of home / interior design?
I grew up visiting my family in Taos, New Mexico and I always felt very enchanted by the decor and essence of that magical place. Taos has been a big inspiration in the way I chose to decorate this studio along with my passion for our planet, The Earth, so natural elements are key paired with very etherial, whimsical touches to tie the energy of the Earth and Altar through the idea of spirit and the cosmos.
Who or what inspires you right now? 
Right now I am really inspired by crystals and gemstones. I am creating a system to directly tie them into my tattoo work, so keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram feed @earthaltarstudio
What is your favorite lunch spot in your new Eagle Rock location?
We LOVE LOVE LOVE Cacao Mexicatessen, it is right across the street from us and it is some of the best food I have ever had in my life!! 
What is your favorite style of tattoos – color, artistic style, etc?
My favorite kind of tattoos to do are the ones I create intuitively for my clients. They usually come in with a story of some sort of transformation they are experiencing or something that they are trying to bring into their lives energetically. I meditate with them and draw directly on their clean skin an abstract geometric design that symbolizes what they need and then we tattoo it.  It is always such a powerful experience.
What do you love most about Northeast LA and owning a business here?screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-3-16-09-pm
I am in love with this block I am on! There are so many female business owners here, it’s amazing! I instantly feel like I have community and I am surrounded by kind hearted, open minded lovely people. I have been veryyy pleasantly surprised by the love over here. Maybe its the eagle on the rock that keep everyone down to earth and happy around here 🙂
Why should we come to your grand opening?!?!
We are planing such a fun party! I am so excited because we have this insanely amazing New Orleans gypsy jazz band coming our to perform, They are called Bon Bon Vivant!  You must check them out! We are going to be holding a raffle with some great prizes from local businesses while raising money for my favorite organization called Mission Blue which create Hope Spots, marine protected sanctuaries in the ocean to rebuild the ecology and bring balance to the Earth! So dance and eat with us and help us brake in the new magical floors! Hope to see you there!
4-8 pm More details on our Facebook page
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