CURB APPEAL: How to Get it and Why It Matters!

Curb Appeal is a fantastic way to boost the value of your home, and it matters in a big way. Whether you’re a new homeowner with a fixer-upper, looking to sell for top dollar, or just interested in maintaining or improving the aesthetics of your home, curb appeal is a buzz word that can be put into action and yield BIG results.

This idea is no secret, as even HGTV has a show fully dedicated to it, called Curb AppealHowever, it is an idea that is always worthy of a friendly refresher! Here are our top sure-fire ways to boost your exteriors.


unnamedKnow your home’s vibe and make sure you’re doing what fits best. If the home is already surrounded by a lush green backdrop of landscaping, play to it. Highlight and complement the beautiful nature with greens and skip the bright pops of color for a sophisticated look. Drought-tolerant landscaping is always preferred in California, but that doesn’t mean you need to short yourself in style. You can still have a great looking lawn without sucking your water bill dry! Keep plants trimmed back and well-groomed for an always-manicured looking yard.


Fresh Coat of Paint


Bright and white always adds a fresh, clean, and modern appeal to homes. However, a muted and tasteful color can bring sophistication and character, if chosen wisely. A new coat of paint will revamp a home’s appearance and it’s always surprising to see just how big the impact is. Go from old and run down to revived and invigorating in as little as a day’s worth of work! Another way paint can make a difference is by choosing a statement color for the front door. This has been a growing trend for awhile now, and we totally love it! A simple way to add personality without going overboard.


Pop of Color

7514 Clinton St _ tasteful pop of color can bring just the right amount of personality to a home to keep it exciting. Whether it is a colorful awning, the trim on a window, a bright colored plant, or a designer pot, a little detail can make a home go from boring to compelling. In the example above, this home played off its window trimming by adding the same muted turquoise pots in the front yard. The streamlined color makes a powerful impact to what could have been a very simple exterior.


The Details’s always all about the details!

  • Home numbers can add a touch of style at very little cost. Hip and slightly oversized numbers look great and add a modern flare to any style of home. Same goes for a hip mailbox if it fits the style of the home. Simple changes can make a big difference!
  • If your home has a gate, choose wisely! This is another way to add style without adding anything unnecessary. For example, the wood gate above is sleek and modern with a little edge. Know your home and play to its strengths – modern wood is always a safe bet. However, a barn door could add the right rustic touch, or a steel gate could look great on an ultra modern home.
  • If you don’t have a designated walkway, add one! Simple concrete blocks spaced appropriately can add a revolutionary look to an otherwise basic yard. Keep all pathways well-groomed and clean and the home will always look welcoming!


Above all else, knowing the style of your home and playing to its strengths will always be beneficial. Make character choices, but going too bold can easily turn tacky. We always appreciate a minimalistic approach, which is still easy to add personality and style to.

The weather is heating up, so put on those gardening gloves and creativity hats and give your home’s curb appeal an aesthetically-pleasing facelift!

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