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Yvette Holzwarth is a performing violinist and real estate agent who has called the glittering hub of Los Angeles her home for fifteen years. Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Yvette is a true California girl and loves the state for its magnitude of diverse people and landscapes.

While studying at UCLA, Yvette began her career in music — a pursuit that has garnered her insight into so many facets of Los Angeles. From Walt Disney Hall to family bar mitzvahs to indie shows at the Echoplex, Yvette enjoys interfacing with people who are the fabric of this big city. With this same enthusiasm, she approaches real estate.

Highly motivated to help people fulfill their visions (creative or financial), Yvette delivers confidence and understanding to her clients. Her open-mindedness and strong creativity is always balanced by a knack for practical problem-solving. Due to her own path of independence and entrepreneurship, she especially enjoys helping other creatives and first-time homebuyers navigate their way to home ownership.

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