Rachel Nierras



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  • Beverage of Choice: Negroni
  • If I weren’t a Real Estate Agent I would be: An Illustrator
  • Can’t live without: Good food with good company
  • Current obsession: Boutique Design
  • Non-Profit of choice: Baby2Baby
  • My Favorite Restaurant: EMC Seafood & Raw bar
  • Clients’ First Impression: I can rely on her.

Rachel is a hardworking, creative, passionate and honest individual that is highly detail oriented and constantly striving to be better. Growing up in the tri-state area for 20+ years, Rachel developed innate skills as a leader amongst her peers and is known to be fierce yet caring in all her relationships.

Prior to entering real estate Rachel spent 8 years working as a lead graphic designer for a luxury lifestyle magazine, advertising agency in gaming/theatrical industry, tech start-ups, human branding agency and hospitality manufacturer. At 23, Rachel’s interest in real estate peaked when she learned about diversifying her portfolio and building wealth with real estate. She took the leap from graphic designer to Realtor and quickly fell in love with everything real estate related — from home renovating to the thrill of house hunting.

With Rachel’s background in research and design she gained a unique skillset that allows her to successfully understand and satisfy client needs. She is a great team player and works exceptionally well with others, is self-managing and able to effectively complete tasks on her own. Her services are personalized to make you feel at ease during the buying or selling process and attacks every transaction with gusto and zeal.

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