Rachel Nierras



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• Favorite Drink: German Riesling
• If I weren’t a Real Estate Agent I would be: Chrissy Teigen. Or a Scientist.
• Can’t live without: Balance and moderation.
• Current obsession: Cooking!
• Non-Profit of choice: Baby2Baby
• My New Favorite Restaurant: La Boucherie, French Steakhouse in DTLA’s Spire 73
• Favorite Watering Hole: North East LA
• Clients’ First Impression: Knowledgeable and resourceful

Before moving to Los Angeles, Rachel was raised in a small town outside of NYC. At a young
age, she developed a love for creativity and established her independence by starting to work
at age 11. Her passion to create began when she attended university to study design.
With her degree in design and a natural curiosity, Rachel left her life on the east coast for
Silicon Valley. Her interest and work in User Experience Design molded the path to
revolutionize product value, customer happiness, and technology advancement. Simply put,
she is fully dedicated to the human response.

As a result of her own experience, Rachel has attained her real estate license because of her
new-found love of Los Angeles. Her fascination of this coastal city caused her to move around
the different neighborhoods exploring all that it has to offer. Rachel is fully committed to her
clients and is accustomed to exhausting all creative suggestions on strategy and direction
while pursuing those avenues with passion and enthusiasm.

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