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Laura’s deep appreciation for design began at an early age. She studied Art and Anthropology in school and worked in fashion for several years before moving to Los Angeles. Simultaneously she was constantly working, trying to figure out ways to create business and be wise with finances in order to build wealth for others.

When Laura moved to LA nine years ago from NYC, she decided to combine her love for design with her passion for business and investing by obtaining her Real Estate License through the UCLA real estate program. She worked for several years under a prominent broker learning the business and got her license in 2011. She was fortunate enough to get into the business at the right time and in the right place as the Northeast Los Angeles area was starting to boom. She became an expert in analyzing deals and understanding each facet of the market and how to effectively buy and sell all over Los Angeles, most especially NELA.

Her experience has given her a unique insight to identify opportunities for buyers and sellers.  Her commitment to do the best for her clients has earned her their trust and love. She has a strong knowledge of industry trends, rules and valuation of homes in the area and her clients’ success is driven by a combination of Laura’s practicality and vision of a home’s potential—always with the client’s goals as the priority.

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