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  • Beverage of choice: My current obsession is Blueberry lemonade
  • If I weren’t a Real Estate Agent I would be: Restoration Architect/ Developer
  • Can’t live without: Sweets! In all shapes and forms
  • Current obsession: The Crown on Netflix
  • Non-Profit of choice: Cats and Canines, that’s where I got my man cat
  • Best New L.A. Restaurant: Kitchen Mouse not so new but still the best!
  • Favorite Watering hole: La Adelita’s  and their Cacao, the original chocolate milk
  • Clients first impression:  Well put together, charismatic and knowledgeable


Jane, born and raised in Miami…but Los Angeles is where she calls home!  A decade in this historic city staged the perfect opportunity for Jane to combine her design and architectural experience with her love for the art of the deal!

Jane’s attendance to Design and Architecture School in her hometown of Miami was the foundation for a life-long passion rooted in history and design! Hopelessly determined, Jane attended Florida International University and was awarded a full scholarship. Here she studied Architecture, Interior Architecture and Urban Design. Upon graduation she began her career in real estate design working for Ft. Lauderdale’s largest women owned architecture firm. Moving to Los Angeles in 2008, finding a home and settling in Downtown proved life altering. This experience provided an organic exposure to multiple new possibilities for design and future business considerations. Jane took her first solo plunge and established an E-commerce business, founded in 2009. Through client management, prompt service, knowledge of products and consistent delivery of goods, Jane has securely established herself.

She carries this business approach forward in all things and Real Estate is no exception, it is the rule! With 10 years under her belt as an Entrepreneur in this grand city, Jane prides herself in setting realistic goals, meeting expectations and confidently negotiating on her client’s behalf. Jane is a long-time resident of North East Los Angeles, proud of her beautiful city, knowledgeable of our communities and can help you find your next great place to call home! Jane is fluent in both English and Spanish.


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